To allocate the Student Activity Fee to student organizations in an efficient and timely manner, and to ensure transparency of processes, deadlines, policies, and decisions. The Finance Board must strive to find a balance between funding what are accepted to be the most popular and deserving events while simultaneously ensuring that small niche groups have a chance at funding as well.

The Finance Board is the financial arm of the Student Association. Led by the Comptroller, this year’s Dylan France, and elected student members from different communities, the Board makes financial decisions for different clubs and organizations on campus. These are sent to the Assembly for approval. Using the Financial Code, the Board votes on each individual budget fairly to make equal decisions for all.

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Funding Tier Information*:

Tier 1: Organizations with little to no programming capital should not expect to receive funding for programs which cost more than $10,000.00.

Tier 2: Organizations that have put on a few successful programs but do not have extensive programming experience should not expect to receive funding for programs which cost more than $20,000.00.

Tier 3: Organizations that have put on several successful programs at the preceding levels are eligible to receive funding for events costing up to $40,000.00.

Tier 4: Organizations that have clearly proved themselves capable of programming by putting on multiple successful programs at each of the previous levels are eligible to request funding for events that exceed $40,000.00.

*Organizations can build programming capital by consistently putting on successful events and collaborating with and learning from larger, more experienced organizations. The success of events and programs for the purpose of this tier system shall be assessed on the basis of their attendance/ticket sales with respect to the expected attendance, in addition to general student body feedback regarding their satisfaction with the event/program. All decisions on an organization’s tier status and funding eligibility will be left to the discretion of the Finance Board.