To learn who currently occupies each role, explore our Branches page.


  1. President | Executive Vice President
    1. Chief of Staff
    2. Communications Director | Director of Internal Operations | Digital Director | Outreach Director
    3. Board of Trustees Undergraduate Representative | Treasurer
  2. Vice President of University Affairs
    1. Directors of Sustainability | Director of Transportation | Director of Mental Health Advocacy | Director of Relationship Violence Advocacy
  3. Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    1. Director of Multicultural Affairs | Director of Queer Student Affairs | Director of International Student Affairs | Director of Indigenous Student Affairs
  4.  Vice President of Communication and Government Affairs
    1. Director of Community Affairs | Director of Government Affairs
  5. Vice President of Academic Affairs
  6. Student Advocate
    1. Chief of Data Officer


  1. Speaker of The Assembly
    1. Clerk
    2. Speaker Pro-Tempore
      1. Rules, Oversight, Operation, and Finance Academic Affairs
      2. University Affairs Community and Government Affairs
      3. Diversity and Inclusion Engagement and Outreach

Board of Elections:

  1. Board of Elections Chair
    1. Board of Elections Vice-Chair | Board of Elections Commissioners


  1. Chief Justice
    1. Deputy Chief Justice | Senior Associate Justice | Associate Justices | Chief Administrative Officer