Cabinet is composed of members appointed by the President and Executive Vice President to lead various offices and cover different issue areas. Cabinet meets weekly to allow for collaboration across the different branches and agencies within Student Association. Roles with a large workload receive stipends and are indicated below with an asterisk.

67th Session Cabinet Members:

  • President Will Treloar*
  • Executive Vice President Yasmin Nayrouz*
  • Comptroller Dylan France*
  • Chief of Staff Reed Granger*
  • Speaker of the Assembly Anna Ginelli*
  • Board of Elections ChairĀ Otto Sutton*
  • Director of Internal Operations Sukhleen Atwal
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Al Cade
  • Student Advocate Lucio Maffei
  • Vice President of University Affairs Olivia Curreri*
    • Director of Transportation Vacant
    • Director of Relationship Violence Advocacy Kayla Turner
    • Director of Mental Health Advocacy Hagen Keller
  • Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion Kait Paige*
    • Director of Queer Student Affairs Vacant
    • Director of Multicultural Affairs Aminata Sylla
    • Director of International Student Affairs Yizhu (Hillary) Zheng
    • Director of Indigenous Student Affairs Katsitsatekanoniahkwa Destiny Lazore Whitebean
  • Vice President of Community & Government Affairs German Nolivos*
    • Director of Community Affairs Brenda Osorio
    • Director of Government Affairs Qiong (Mars) Wu
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs Tanner Boshart*
  • Director of Communications Oji Anderson*
    • Digital Director Abigail Wright