The President and Vice President work closely together, along with the rest of the Student Association, to represent the needs and wants of SU’s undergraduate student population. They work closely with the Cabinet to ensure existing initiatives and events can continue to thrive, while bringing in their own ideas to the organization. They also serve as representatives on campus, meeting with various stakeholders on and off campus, including but not limited to administrators, professors, students, community members, and others to find out how to make initiatives successful.



Each Cabinet member serves as a committee chair and focuses on initiatives and events specific to that committee’s focus. By leading a committee, Cabinet works with Assembly members to put on events, work with student orgs, and help bring ideas students have for making campus a better place to life. Cabinet members work closely with the President and the Vice President to ensure communications between the Executive and Legislative Branches.


The Student Association Assembly serves as a representation of all 11 colleges on SU’s campus. Representatives serve 250 students from their home college and are elected by the Assembly in the Fall, and by a school- wide election in the Spring. The Assembly votes on all pieces of legislation that pass through it, including bills which finance the over 300 student organizations on campus. Assembly reps are also a part of a committee and attend weekly committee meetings in addition to holding 2 office hours a week.