What does Finance Board do?

The Finance Board is the financial arm of Syracuse University’s Student Association.

The Finance Board is made up of 12 elected members from different communities on campus and is led by the Comptroller. The responsibility of the Finance Board is to make financial decisions that are sent to the Assembly for approval. The Finance Board also budgets and allocates the Student Activity Fee to the 300+ Registered Student Organizations on campus for events or programming purposes. Using the Finance Codes, the Finance Board votes on each budget fairly and weighs all information provided to make decisions that are fair and equal to all.


Nyah Jones

Mission Statement

To allocate the Student Activity Fee to student organizations in an efficient and timely manner, and to ensure transparency of processes, deadlines, policies, and decisions. The Finance Board must strive to find a balance between funding what are accepted to be the most popular and deserving events while simultaneously ensuring that small niche groups have a chance at funding as well.