Aden Solomon

Diversity & Inclusion Chair


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of campus life. We encourage that all beliefs are to be respected and heard so that no group feels marginalized on our campus. Most importantly, our committee strongly believes that we thrive when we unite.

Our Initiatives:

  • Anti-Hate Series: Multicultural Week
  • Reaching out to different RSO ‘s to partner with
  • Mental health bi-monthly check in: the mental health and wellness for college students
  • Working with administration to evolve the system of reporting for sexual assault victims & survivors
  • Creating policies in support of protesters and their safety

Our Goals:

  • Student-driven and open to the community
  • Conversations with students and their experiences
  • Expanding horizons beyond race and culture… changing the narrative of “diversity”
  • Accessible to everyone as we have students that are remote

Multicultural Week 2020 Recordings: