SA Semester Retreat!

This past weekend, assembly representatives and all members of Student Association participated in a retreat to hone their leadership skills and strengthen the bond between Student Association members.


How SA Stays Engaged: Student Engagement Committee

Impact Week is coming up! Impact Week is a community outreach initiative sponsored by Student Association to show how students around campus are making a difference. This year Student Association is working hard to make IW a success, and is working on creating a survey to monitor people’s reactions to the event If you have any comments or suggestions, talk to us!

Also to keep a look out for the 44 Stars of Excellence Awards that is approaching us quickly! Student Association is working along with the University to see what help we could offer.

Languages, Syllabi, and Research: Academic Affairs Gets Creative!

The Academic Affairs Committee of Student Association is working hard in on three initiatives. The initiative to create a multi-lingual writing center will benefit the entire student body. Currently, the Syracuse University writing center only offers services in English. What if students could also receive writing help in Spanish, or even Mandarin? The Academic Affairs Committee is working closely with Syracuse University to establish a bi-lingual writing center possible by the end of this semester.

Increasing undergraduate research opportunities on campus and creating syllabus transparency are also goals the Academic Affairs Committee expects to reach. Syracuse University has set a goal of increasing researching opportunities for undergraduates in all departments. Student Association has approved 10,000 research opportunities for a pilot program, which we hope to run in the summer with 3-4 student stipends. Student Association wants to make it possible for students to view syllabi before enrollment for classes begins. The neuroscience department has voiced support, but for more info…check back next week!

Welcome to all newly elected Representatives!

Last night at Student Association’s General Assembly meeting, ten new Assembly Representatives were elected.

Congratulations to…

Amanda Shames (Falk School of Education)

Duygu Su Ocakoglu (College of Arts & Sciences)

Obi Afriyie (Falk School of Education)

Michael Lerner (Arts & Sciences)

Billy Collins (School of Architecture)

Will Davis (iSchool)

Connor Bradley (Falk School of Education)

Sonia Suchak (College of Arts & Sciences)

Julia Eklund (College of Arts & Sciences)

Kennedy Ukelegharanya (College of Arts & Sciences)\


Elections are TONIGHT!

It’s a very exciting night for Student Association, our favorite time of year!

We have fifteen individuals going up in front of Assembly in hopes of becoming a Representative for their respective home colleges, including College of Arts & Sciences, VPA, Syracuse School of Architecture, David B. Falk School of Education, iSchool, and the Newhouse School.

Follow a live tweet of elections starting at 7:30 PM promptly @SAatSU !

New Initiative for the Finance Board!

Patrick Douglas, Comptroller:

“Special Programming 1/23″

The finance board and I decided to start making it mandatory for organizations to ticket their events, regardless if they are charging for them or not. This is so that there is better record keeping of expected attendance at events vs real attendance. Now we can better allocated the student activity fund.

Ad Op Weekly Operational Report 1/25


  • AdOp met this week to discuss the upcoming Federalization bill. During this discussion several edits were made to the bill. The bill has been finalized and will be presented on 1/26/15.
  • A motion to suspend the rules forcing the recorder to sit on AdOp. The motion passed unanimously and the Recorder is no longer a voting member of AdOp.
  • The board discussed the punch clock and determined that it is only effective for members who have to serve bellow 5 office hours. A better way to track those who have above 10 is needed.
  • AdOp went into executive session.