Student Association Weekly Update

Student Association is just as ready for Spring Break as you are, but that does not mean we have lost sight of our initiatives!

The QR Codes in campus dining halls is in full effect! This allows students to view the nutritional content of what they are eating and make more contentious eating decisions. Check out a Daily Orange article written about it here ( ). Student Engagement Committee member Sonia Suchak has finished the first draft of a proposal for the syllabi transparency initiative, allowing students to view a syllabus for a class before enrollment. Student Association Vice President Daniela Lopez will be meeting with the ESF Provost on March 4, and we will be meeting with Liz Liddy on March 6 in regards to an initiative furthering undergraduate research to discuss implementation options and financing.

Planning for Impact Week is in progress, and will be from April 13th-19th. Want more information? Check out Student Association’s February Newsletter!

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