What’s new with Academic Affairs?

The director of Academic Affairs, Katherine Desy and Student Association Vice President Daniela Lopez are meeting with Director of Undergraduate Studies, Judy O’Rourke and Vice President of Undergraduate Research, Gina Lee-Glouser this week to discuss possibilities for improving research opportunities for Syracuse undergraduate students. This week, a new initiative was introduced concerning evaluation research. This will potentially be a system where students will submit their end of semester professor evaluations, and then students interested in taking a class will be able to access these evaluations beforehand. One of Student Association’s newest members Sonia Suchak is working hard to promote this initiative, by reaching out to other universities both domestically and abroad. She is also creating a survey to send out to Syracuse undergraduate students to see if they would like this initiative to pass.

Another initiative the Academic Affairs committee is currently working on is improving the International Student Mentor program, offered through the Slutzker Center. This is a functioning program, but many international students do take advantage of this opportunity. Student Association would like to see each international student coming into Syracuse University to have an extensive informational packet and a mentor assigned to them to ensure their integration to the University goes smoothly.

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