Student Life

Keelan Erhard


Anjani Ladhar


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Association Student Life Committee is to investigate, propose, oversee, and advocate for improved conditions and amenities on and off campus. The committee will effectively plan and address pertinent issues that arise within the student body pertaining to students’ social experience at Syracuse University.

Our Goals and Initiatives

  • Menstrual Hygiene Products
    Provide menstrual health products, such as pads and tampons, to gender neutral bathrooms on campus so that students are able to access them as needed.
  • Chat & Dine
    A group of up to four students may get lunch with a faculty member of their choice at Faculty Alumni Center in hopes of improving/ developing better relationships with the faculty member.
  • Remote Access
    Promotes and improves a virtualization program for College of Engineering & Computer Science (E&CS) students to make engineering software and programs more accessible from personal computers. Student Life is hoping to expand this initiative to all schools on campus.
  • Preferred NetID Usernames & Roster Names
    This will help students submit a NetID, Blackboard username, and/or roster name of their choice, no matter what their given name is. The goal of this initiative is to help students identify themselves with whatever name they are most comfortable with.
  • Renting a Home in NYC
    An informational session that Cooper & Cooper Real Estate holds to help educate undergraduate students about what living in NYC is like, for both internships and full-time jobs. They talk about costs, living standards, do’s and don’t of signing leases, etc. Event will take place on April 4th.
  • Reusable Bookstore Bags
    The goal of this initiative is to help reduce the number of plastic bags the bookstore gives out by charging a small fee on reusable bags.
  • Farmer’s Market on ESF Quad (October 28th)
    This event will host a farmer’s market on ESF’s quad to promote sustainability and support local markets in Syracuse.