Community Engagement

Malcolm-Ali Davis


Kelsey Fowler


Mission Statement

The Community Engagement Committee seeks to create meaningful engagement in the Syracuse community. This committee serves as a liaison between the student body and the Student Association, gathering constituent feedback regarding actions taken by the Student Association, as well as initiatives and courses of action suggested by the student body and the coordination of events to facilitate such communication. This committee also is tasked with creating meaningful initiatives that create engagement and more unity between the Syracuse University community and the greater Syracuse community.

Our Goals and Initiatives

  • Registered Student Organization Outreach
    Contact and meet with RSOs at Syracuse University in order to gauge opinions, answer any questions and better serve the students of Syracuse University.
  • Review New Registered Student Organizations
    Both chairs sat on this semester’s New RSO Review Board. New RSOs were approved and were denied based on whether the proposed RSO fit the definition of a Registered Student Organization at SU.
  • Think Local Week
    SA’s Community Engagement Committee is rebranding our week of engagement as a week of purposeful involvement in both the greater Syracuse community and in the Syracuse University community. This will be held next semester!
  • Community Engagement Workshops
    Workshops to facilitate more meaningful engagement between RSOs, the student body, and the greater Syracuse community.
  • Student Organization Census
    Create a census of all student organizations in our campus community, both registered and non-registered, in order to better communicate with these groups and inform students of the abundant opportunities for involvement that are available to them.