Academic Affairs

James Franco


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Association Academic Affairs Committee is to investigate, propose, oversee, and advocate for improved academic practices on campus. The committee will effectively plan and address pertinent issues that arise within the student body pertaining to the classroom, libraries, and other academic settings.


Our Goals and Initiatives

  • Improve Access to Resources
    Extend library hours and create additional resources for students on campus such as computer labs, team rooms, and quiet study spaces.
  • Increase Academic Offerings of the University
    Create opportunities to pursue a Legal Studies Minor, Japanese Minor, Farsi Minor, and Astronomy Minor.
  • Comprehensive Education Through Experiential Learning
    Provide more hands-on learning opportunities for students throughout classes and internships. Increase the quantity and quality of speakers invited to campus.
  • Summer Research Program
    Provide funds to enable students to conduct research over the summer.
  • Foster a Better Relationship Between SU and Upstate Medical University
    Formalize a relationship that will benefit pre-med Syracuse students’ application to Upstate Medical School. Create a Pre-Med RSO Coalition to streamline access to Upstate resources.